About Bristol Manufacturing

Mission Statement

Bristol Manufacturing Corporation is a leader and
innovator in the field of high capacity equipment and
forklift remanufacturing.

Bristol Manufacturing Corporation’s ultimate goal
is to deliver a quality product with customer
satisfaction. This goal is accomplished through
policies and procedures in advanced planning, training,
and precision detail from start to finish.

Bristol Manufacturing Corporation is an
organization of dedicated employees, who take pride in
delivering a quality product to its customers. Our
quality commitment encompasses all aspects of
engineering, customer service, and the fabrication of our products.
The employees of Bristol Manufacturing are dedicated to
delivering the finest completed product from start to
finish on time.


Bristol Manufacturing was started in 1982 as a
division of Bristol Steel, and was tasked with the
remanufacturing of high capacity rigger forklifts and
fabrication of heavy machinery mover carts. Due to the
unavailability of such equipment, other companies started
renting and buying this equipment, thus a new business was formed.

In 1998, Bristol Manufacturing was incorporated and
is currently the industry leader in high capacity
equipment and builds as many as 60 units in a given


  • Member of the SCRA (Specialized Carriers & Riggers
  • Member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Member of the Richfield Twp. & Davison chamber of
  • Bristol Manufacturing is fully licensed and

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