Rigger Special 80-100

Width Across Counterweight: 95.5″
Tread Width, Drive Axle: 74″
Fork Spread (Standard): 98″
Width Over Tires: 101.5″
Outside Turn Radius (Tail Swing): 196″
Inside Turn Radius: 23.25″
Height to Top of “A” Frame: 102″
Height to Top of Counter Weight: VARIES”
Height to Top of Carriage: 99″
Steer Axle CL to Rear of Counterweight: 37″
Wheelbase: 127″ to 167″
Underclearance (Mast): 4″
Drive Axle CL to Carriage Face: 37.5″
Overall Length, Less Forks: 199″
Hyd. Counterweight and Stand:
Truck Length Less Forks: 199″
Truck with Hyd. C.W. Ext.: 235″
Hydraulic counterweight takes truck from 80,000 lb at 24″ load center to 100,000 lb at 24″ load center

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